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Suspension Components

Suspension model with all components.

    Photo of mobil mechanic performing suspension servicing in Garden Grove, CA.


    A vehicle's suspension components are primarily made up of shocks and struts.  Our mobile service tech's are experienced and knowledgable about both. 

    Shocks on a vehicle provide damping resistance to road forces transmitted up through the wheels.  The shocks are opposed by springs that extend the wheel downward.  When the car hits a pot hole, the sprung wheel is forced upward.  Those upward movements are dampend or slowed by a shock.  The shocks operate by their resistance to fluid rapidly moving through cavities inside the shock.  Valving through shim stacks or other orifices prevent the fluid from rapidly moving through the shock body.  This slows the rate at which the wheel can move.  The valving is adjusted for ride conditions, vehicle weight, and desired performance. 

    Call Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove for any problems you have with your shocks as well as any other suspension related issues.  We're experts at all kinds of vehicle repairs.



    The struts are a structural element of the majority of modern separate suspension systems and function as a connection between the wheel and the car body. They're mounted on peak of the chassis in the front-end of the majority of front-wheel-drive vehicles. But, struts aren't confined to front-wheel-drive settings. The main intention of the struts would be to encourage the weight of the automobile whilst at the same time consuming surface affects and ensuring that a smooth ride.

    A strut assembly contains two principal elements: the spiral spring, which affirms the height, stability and weight of the automobile; along with also the shock absorber, that exerts lumps and dampens vibrations brought on by irregularities around the roadway.

    Other elements of this strut geometry comprise the spring chairs, both the strut bearing, along with also the steering knuckle. Struts are generally installed together with front wheels, but based on a car's installation and drive train, they may also be mounted in the back wheels. Just because there are various sorts of automobiles, there are distinct kinds of struts. The most frequently used layout by automobile manufacturers is referred to as the MacPherson strut, that employs the very top of a telescopic damper since the top steering .

    A MacPherson strut functions as a shock damper however can also be designed to take care of substantial lateral loads, like if the car is cornering. Other frequent strut designs incorporate the coilover strut along with the atmosphere strut. You are able to easily compare automobiles to ascertain which versions have every form of strut.

    Photo of mechanic installing a strut on a car.