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Mobile Mechanic
Garden Grove

Mobile Auto Repair

Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair in Garden Grove is the number one auto repair service for Garden Grove and surrounding areas.  With great professional service and technically capable mobile auto technicians, the only difference you'll find between us and a traditional auto mechanic shop is lower costs.  Since we're free from the overhead costs associated with a brick and mortar facility, we're able to pass along those savings to you while still offering top-notch auto repair for much less.  Our $95 Diagnostic Assessment includes the trip charge, use of our diagnostic scanner, write up of the problem, and parts as well as labor estimate.  AND.... we'll credit the $95 to the cost of the repair upon your approval to start work on the repair.  Call us at 714-874-9080 to come to your home, place of work, or anywhere else where we can undertake the repairs.  Best of all, your time won't be spent commuting to a shop, waiting around for repairs to be made, or arranging transportation back home (only to have to do it all over again when your car is ready).


    Mobile mechanic making engine repairs on a vehicle in Garden Grove, California.Mobile mechanic making engine repairs on a vehicle in Garden Grove, California.
    Mobile auto repair technician performing diagnostic analysis of a problem with a Honda SUV in Garden Grove, CA.Mobile auto repair technician performing diagnostic analysis of a problem with a Honda SUV in Garden Grove, CA.
    Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove replacing radiator in Garden Grove, California.Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove replacing radiator in Garden Grove, California.

    Save Time, Money, and Hassle

    Do you have auto problems requiring a tow?  Is your car making a strange sound and you're worried about risking further damage?  Or maybe you just have a busy schedule and there's just no time to get to a shop.  With Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove, we bring the shop to YOU.  Our onsite automotive repair and emergency service save you the hassle of getting a tow, waiting for shop space, or even getting a ride back home.  Technicians arrive in a truck with all the diagnostic machinery and necessary tools and equipment to assess and repair the vast majority of problems occurring with most vehicles.  We'll get you back on the road faster and in most instances for less than taking your vehicle to a shop.  Since you won't be taking up valuable shop space, overhead costs are eliminated.  Because of this, your costs are oftentimes less.  Our mobile mechanic auto repair service uses nothing but experienced technicians that have met either ASE or iATN certification.  They are all experts in the various automotive mechanical systems like:

    How does our mobile auto repair service work?

    We live in a world today that's interconnected like never before.  In the past, if you had a problem with your car, you dug out the phone book, looked up auto repair, and then tried to ferret out someone that could solve your problem that was relatively close.  Then you'd call them and arrange when to bring your car in, get a relative or friend that would follow you down to the repair shop and then give you a ride back home.  Then you'd wait for your car to get fixed and hopefully get a call to come and pick it up before getting your ride to take you back to the shop.  What an unbelievable hassle-for both you and your ride.

    Today, you have the ability to use your phone to help you find a mechanic that's located close to where you live or work, but you still have to deal with getting rides to and from or be prepared to sit in a waiting room while your car is being attended to.

    Fortunately, there's a better way.  By using Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove, you can have an experienced and certified mechanic come out to your house or place of business to diagnose and make the necessary repairs to your troubled car or truck.  By operating as a mobile repair service, we've eliminated the overhead of a brick and mortar establishment and are able to pass those savings along to you.

    So not only do you save all the time and energy getting your car to the repair shop and then getting back to your home or business, but you also save needless waitig around and financing the overhead costs of the physical shop.  Using a mobile mechanic is a big saver of time, energy, hassle, and most of all, money.

    Photo of coolant being added to a radiator.
    Photo of a new and old spark plug during a spark plug change by

    Why choose Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove?

    Selecting Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove is an easy choice once you're aware of our credentials.  All of our technicians have at least 8 years of mechanic and auto repair experience and are all ASE Certified, meaning they've been taught the proper processes and techniques to diagnose and undertake repairs.  Our diagnostic abilities are second to none and we know the pitfalls and challenges with the various makes and models that can stymie other shops.  We know all the systems on both foreign and domestic, late model vehicles.

    Our mechanics show up with the proper tools and equipment as well as all safety personal protection equipment to make sure that we stay safe and that your car never incurs damage.  Our technicians are experts on all auto systems such as:  Fuel, Exhaust, Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, Electrical, Lubrication, Belts and Hoses, Fluids, Drivetrain, and more.  Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove only hires those with the utmost in quality character and individuals that are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled.

    Having us provide mobile service for your car or truck can also save you on an expensive tow fee.  With towing fees being a minimum of $100, you can often cut your repair expense in half.

    We strive to exceed your expectations and want you to tell all your friends and coworkers.  Nothing helps business better than word of mouth referrals and we're sure that once you use us, you'll  refer us to everyone you know.

    Photo of damaged auto serpentine belt prior to replacement.
    Green coolant leaking from cracked radiator hose prior to replacement.

    Happy Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove Customers

    "My 2006 Honda Civic needed three engine mounts and the front struts replaced.  You guys were great.  You showed up when you said you'd be here and took care of everything without any weird problems whatsoever.  I was very happy that it went so smoothly and am happy to give you this review.  I already told my dad about you and he's going to have you replace the radiator in his Jeep Wrangler.  You'll definitely be hearing from me again the next time I need a mechanic."

    Joden Coals

    "My husband is my super hero for anything regarding my car, but I had a large fluid leak and he was on a plane, traveling.  I used my phone to find a mechanic and found your mobile mechanic service as one of the first listings.  I called and you were able to have a mechanic come to my work where my car was.  Martin showed up and told me that I'd blown a radiator hose.  I went back into my office and he went and got a new hose.  After about an hour he texted me letting me know my car was finished.  I took a ten minute break to get my keys and haven't had any problems since.  It was the most hassle-free mobile mechanic auto repair experience I've ever had.  It worked out perfectly and saved me from needing a tow."

    Sarah Chandler

    "When my Hyundai Alantra wouldn't start I used my phone to search for a mechanic.  I was looking for a shop and was figuring on having to get a tow truck then saw that you guys were mobile.  When I called, I spoke to Enrique who was friendly and helpful.  He had Martin come out to me in 22 minutes - unreal. Martin did some testing and told me that it was my alternator.  After going to the parts store to get a new alternator, he had it replaced and finished in about 90 minutes."

    Brandon Starling


    Other Services

    Vehicle Inspections

    Tune Ups

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Diagnosis of the problem is often one of the most important services provided by an auto repair facility.  Properly determining the underlying problem means correctly targeted repairs and ease your peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe and dependable.  We utilize the latest diagnostic sensors and combined with decades of experience, our technicians are able to uncover the problem quickly, make the necessary repairs, and get you back on the road fast.  Don't let vehicle warning indicators like your check engine light go unheeded because serious damage can occur if ignored.


    Our mobile mechanic auto repair will handle all the typical repair services you'd find anyplace else, like issues with stalls, tune-ups, rough running, carburetor/fuel injector adjustments, overheating, AC servicing and recharge battery replacements, radiator repair service, oil changes, and engine smoking issues.  Mobile Mechanic Garden Grove will come to you and repair any automobile problems present.  Call us today.